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About VPNGeek

What We Offer

VPNGeek is a business VPN for small business, large business, and all-size business who wants to browse the web freely, anonymously, and securely.

In today’s world, where there are endless cyber attacks and every action you take is being monitored, the need for security and anonymity becomes imperative.

As one of the best VPN for business in the market, VPNGeek ensures dedicated IP VPN solutions, VPN anonymous browsing, and the fastest VPN service.

While supporting both, desktop and mobile devices, VPNGeek is the top VPN for Android and iOS operating systems ensuring business VPN static IP and the fastest VPN server.

By performing only 4 simple self-service steps you can start your online journey with ease of mind.

Become a VPNGeek today!

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Various Operating System Support

VPNGeek supports Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple macOS and iOS operating systems.
Providing both, desktop and mobile VPN service, VPNGeek is the best VPN app for Android and iOS.

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Self-service Deployment & Billing

Perform all actions, technical and finance, all by yourself using VPNGeek friendly user-interface.

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Choose Server Location

Choose a VPN server location from one of our top nineteen locations around the globe.
Our solution will provide the best dedicated IP VPN solution, ensuring anonymous VPN and the fastest VPN for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows.

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Dashboards and Monitors

VPNGeek, the best VPN for business, ensuring real-time monitoring users and servers statuses, bandwidth usages and active connections.

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Easy Setup

Download VPNGeek client and private profile, install VPNGeek client and import the profile. That's it! You can now browse freely, securely and anonymously across the internet using the best VPN for business.

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Anonymity and Security

VPNGeek keeps you anonymous and secure on your online journey at all time ensuring the best static IP VPN solution free-of-charge and the fastest VPN service exists today.


Four Steps to become a VPNGeek


Sign Up

Create an administrative user who can create and modify VPN servers in various locations, add and remove licences for team members and monitor real-time bandwidth usage and connections.

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Deploy a VPN Server

Choose the required VPN server location, set the amount of required licenses, add additional features (such as DDoS protection), enter your payment information and your new VPN server will be ready to go in 2 minutes!

Add User

Invite Members

Invite your team members to join the new VPN server.
We will send them an invitation for user creation.

Download VPN

Download and Install

Each team member can now download VPNGeek client installation and personal profile,
All left to do is to install VPNGeek client and import the profile.
That's it! You are now an officially VPNGeek and can browse vpn anonymous freely, securely and anonymously across the internet.

VPNGeek Important Features

  • Secured Internet Connection
  • Free-Of-Charge Static IP Address
  • DDoS Attacks Protection
  • Self-service Deployment & Billing
  • Team Members Invitation
  • Real-time Dashboards and Monitors
  • Windows, macOS, iOS and Android Clients Support
Black Apple

Apple macOS Client

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Android Client

Black Apple

Apple iOS Client


Microsoft Windows Client


VPNGeek Pricing

VPN Server (Including 1 license)
    License (Per each license above 1)
      DDoS Protection (Additional Service)

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